What Do I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Cleaning Service?

Consider this when outsourcing the facility tasks

The building in which your company is located is the calling card of your company. Important therefore that it is neat here. That is why it may be wise to hire a Home Cleaning Service Singapore.

Which considerations

First of all, it is important to take a good look at what exactly you need to keep your premises clean. Consider what your wishes and expectations are. “Clean” is in fact a very broad concept. Everyone has a different view of what exactly is clean. So first of all, consider what your own interpretation of this is. If you are here, you only look for the perfect supplier for your property. There are plenty of providers in this area so you sometimes cannot see the forest through the trees. You can make a distinction by looking at the regulations regarding home cleaning service singapore, and to what extent these rules are complied with.


Hiring home cleaning service singapore is expensive. The Singapore Facility Costs Index Cooperative has calculated that it costs an average of € 360 per year to keep one workplace clean. Of course, for this amount you want value for money. Therefore, do not hesitate to make high demands on the suppliers with whom you sit down at the table.



A good conversation about the offer is also essential. A low price can be very attractive, but how does the supplier get there? A low rate can mean that the quality of the work is also much lower. You must therefore constantly weigh up your wishes and priorities and coordinate this with the supplier.

Contract duration

It is important not to enter into long contracts. Most facility companies offer a contract of at least 3 years. If your company is not completely stable, it is wise not to contract that takes longer than that. If your company is stable, it is wise to opt for a longer-term contract. This is often cheaper, but there is a greater risk involved. It is also wise to request references from the supplier before you sign the contract. This way you can discover to what extent the supplier in question keeps his promises.

Clear agreements

If you eventually found the right candidate, make clear agreements about what exactly needs to be done. Set up a cleaning specification together with the supplier. This states exactly what is expected of them. Which rooms is it exactly? Do the toilets have to be done. And if so, how often? Should the waste bins also be emptied? In short, a program, for the facility staff, in detail. This way you prevent miscommunication, which often leads to disagreement, and you will not be faced with surprises.

An important tip is to also use the VSR control system, where external inspectors take a closer look at things. This gives you a great certainty regarding the quality.


Go in advance only to facility companies that are certified. In this sector, it happens regularly that illegal employees are employed. And even if you were not aware of this, in the end you are also liable for this. You are a partner in crime at that moment. To prevent this, for example, you can request a copy of the identity card from (new) employees who clean your premises in the service of the home cleaning service singapore.

What is always good to do is to make good agreements with your employees. If everyone neatly tidies up his or her own desk at the end of the day, that saves a lot of cleaning work!