Organize Your House And Keep It That Way.

When it comes to your home, we can’t deny the fact that whoever sees it, can view it as an extension of you and your family. So if you are having visitors, it is normal that you stress over the usual mess that houses usually have. To avoid going crazy over the clutters in your home, here are some tips to help you organize.

Keep, throw away, and donate.

Have three big boxes ready and label each with ‘keep’, “throw away” and ‘donate’. Now go through all the rooms in your house and sort all your things. Remove all the things in your desk, your cabinet, and your drawers. Put them all in their corresponding boxes.

All the items that you are using every day should go to the keep box. For the donate box, think about the items that you don’t usually use anymore. Sometimes we tend to keep things because we think that we might use them again in the future or it might have a sentimental value of some sort. So when you are sorting, those you don’t usually use should be given away to keep an organized home. Or else you will have to see a cluttered house full of things that you don’t need. Those that you can’t use anymore and will be of no use anybody anymore can be placed in the throw box.

Room, location and function.

Once you’re done with the three boxes, throw the box that says throw in it and set aside the donate box. Now you will have to concentrate on the keep box. Before placing the contents of the box in their rightful place, I want you to consider these.

Give every item a home, or should I say a room. If the item is used in the bedroom then that should be their home. Every time you use anything in one room, make sure to return them where they should be.

When all the items are in their rooms, group them by function. Let’s say these items are used for work, then you should all place them in your desk. All the items that are used for bathing should be placed in the bathroom, and so on.

Consider having a room for multiple-function things. For example, have a drawer or cabinet in your kitchen that will house all the items that are used for cleaning. Even if you use it to clean your living room, you should still return it in their home in the kitchen.

Keep everything in their homes.




When it comes to the things in your house, you wouldn’t want to have a lot of homeless things right? So develop a habit and tell you family to return everything where it should be. If you have little kids, make it a game. At the end of the day, ask them to look for the things that are not in their homes.


When this becomes a habit, you will have a more organized home than before you started sorting.




Once you have done this, it will be easy to keep your home organized. But if you are too busy to do so, there are those that make it their business to clean your home for you. You just have  to set a date, personalize your cleaning preferences, and then they’ll get the cleaning done.