Want to improve the energies of your room, bringing more harmony and fluidity to the environment? How about resorting to the ancient Chinese Feng Shui technique to transform your space and help provide good vibes to your dorm? So check out these 5 tips:

Clean and up-to-date organization

One of the ways to leave environments full of good energies is to keep cleanliness and organization up to date. So do not let dust accumulate on the furniture; keep the inside of closets, closets and drawer ways always tidy; and free yourself from all that occupies space, but which you no longer use.

Have a headboard

Having a headboard is another important Feng Shui tip for bedroom composition. The accessory helps bring safety to the bedroom and contributes to the comfort of the night’s sleep. You can choose one that suits the bed you already have; completely change your sleeping furniture; or think about making a model that identifies with DIY ( Do it Yourself ) ideas . Through the internet you can find the step by step how to produce several models.

Prefer light colors

Investing in light colors is also one of the Feng Shui suggestions for room décor. So mixing white shades with pastel shades is a way to make the room more harmonious and full of good energies. If you want a stronger color for the environment, consider applying it on just one bedroom wall. Thus, the dormitory will have the strong tone but without losing the balance that the lighter tones used in the walls next to it provide.

Leave the doors closed

If you have a bathroom inside your room, try to keep the toilet door always closed. The energies of the toilet can invade your sleeping space, influencing the balance and harmony of the environment.

Use flowers to balance the environment

Another recommendation of Feng Shui is to distribute some flowers of the season through the room. Invest in species that you identify with, but have a delicate aroma to not carry the environment.