The use of mirrors at home

Do you know exactly what Feng Shui is? You may have heard of this ancient Chinese art at some point in your life.

Feng Shui is increasingly popular among Brazilian homes, always used as a way of personal development and elimination of all the blockages of your life by reading the plan of your home. Curious, is not it? Let’s try to explain at least a bit how it is possible to do this reading of fengshui singapore and how it interferes with our life.



Feng Shui says that everything in our life is energy and that energy attracts us by similarity. In this way, and roughly speaking, if everything is energy, then our body is energy, thought is energy, attitudes, behaviors, the way people act, relate, get excited. Absolutely everything is energy.

Therefore, Feng Shui states that everything that happens in our life is no coincidence, and ensures that any event, good or bad, is also pure energy. And knowing that everything is energy, then everything can be attracted by similarity. People and their families, people who go to the same places, people in their work, marriage, friendships, relationships … and especially the house where you live.

From the point of view of the art of fengshui singapore, you have attracted these people or these places because they look like you and you look like them, both the good part and the not so good part. And that is the basis that allows Feng Shui to affirm that coincidences do not exist and that everything has a why.

So, any problem that exists in your home, surely the people who live in it fatally will also have the same type of problem; and that is why it is so important to diagnose and treat the energies of your environment, your safe harbor, the place where you theoretically spend most of your life, recharge your energies … finally, from your home.

How can this diagnosis be made? Feng Shui supporters believe that this is possible precisely because of this similarity. Feng Shui dictates that if you have a problem of financial prosperity, for example, or relationship problem, or whatever it is, this can be translated in another way; there may be a power problem in you.

And since everything is energy, by similarity, there is also an energy problem in the place that you live. If you diagnose a problem in your home, you will quickly realize that that kind of problem also charges you out to the outside of your home. Be under the scope of work, friends, prosperity, relationships, family, health.

In Feng Shui everything is intertwined. If you have problems at work, for example, people who live with you also run the risk of having the same types of problems as you. Notice that the first problems always appear in your home, in your things, in your belongings, and later on in your job, in your relationships, in your money and in your body.

If you look like your things by similarity, and if your things are not right, then it will affect you and all the issues of your life. There is a connection, a relationship between the outer side and the inner side of our subconscious.

Feng Shui can be highly therapeutic from this point of view. It is a personal development tool. This is one of the purposes of learning Feng Shui and understanding the language of the home and the objects of the home.

Knowing the energies that influence everyone living in this house is essential. With increasing acceptance, we have come to realize that people are realizing that the environment in which they spend most of their time influences directly and ruthlessly on all their outcomes. That is, your home is the environment that most influences in your life. Have you stopped to think about it?



Harmonize your home with fengshui singapore techniques

Have you ever felt a ‘different’ tiredness as soon as you get home? A kind of disharmony difficult to explain. It may be that the energy in your home is very heavy.

Feng Shui is there to help unload all the negative energy present in your home. Remember, to have prosperity and personal development you need to start literally tidying up the house.

In the science of Feng Shui, every room in the house has a symbology. The living room, for example, is a symbol of interaction and relaxation. The kitchen is icon of wealth and wealth. The fourth is where we renew our energies and cultivate our relationship.

To achieve the balance and harmony necessary for our development as a person, we must interfere directly in the environment, changing the disposition of the furniture, placing or dispensing objects, changing colors, that is, putting into practice Feng Shui techniques to leave the environment totally balanced for all who dwell in it.

As already said, each environment of your each has a symbol is extremely important to align these energies to have a harmonious environment.