8 Power Decorating Tips From The Pros

Decorating your house is fun, but when you overdo it, it can enhance flaws instead of hiding it as well as it can diminish strengths when you are trying to make it shine. Every house is different. There is no one-size-fits all in house decorating.

  1. Set the mood on your front door.

If you want to set a certain tone or mood in your house, you should do it in your front door. Setting a mood will help people get ready from what they will expect when they enter your house.

  1. Keep walls to a minimum.



When you are thinking of an interior wall color, you should stick to light, simple and neutral like beige or white. This will promote flow from when you enter that front door until you get around the house.



  1. Do not arrange for isolated chairs.



When you are arranging furniture, especially in the living room, make sure that every chair and sofa are facing each other. The rule of thumb here is to imagine that everyone that will sit in all your chairs will be talking to each other. You wouldn’t want them to face the other way while talking to someone, right?

  1. Light for light.

For rooms in your home that gets a lot of light, you should keep the curtains light and airy. Using heavy drapes on highly bright areas will just make the drapes fade and your house hot.

  1. Set an illusion.

Another rule of thumb here is to hang at least one mirror in every room. Mirrors give out an illusion of space. A small room can appear bigger when you hang mirrors. Just make sure that you do not hang the mirrors directly across windows, it will just reflect light that can bounce off furniture and create an unpleasant glare.

  1. One or many.

When it comes to paintings or artworks, the rule of thumb is to always hang them wherein their center is at eye-level. If you are not sure about the eye-level, you can always be safe with 1.7m from the ground. Another rule is to have one large art or many small ones.

  1. Light it 3 times.



When it comes to lighting, you should have at least three kinds of lighting in every room. First one is ambient light, which is the overall light of the room. Task, which specifically focuses on something – your painting or your book while reading. The last one is accent, which is just somehow like a decorative light.

  1. Spruce everything up.

When you are decorating, give all the outdated aspects of your house a makeover. Even the smallest details like an old brown wall socket can ultimately ruin your fully decorated, newly painted, white kitchen. Keep your eye on the details and do not let anything pass you eye, no matter how small it is.


Remember all these tips and you are sure to have a well decorated house that is always a joy to live in.