8 Helpful Tips in Simplifying House Cleaning Session  


There are times when cleaning your house seems to be the hardest thing to carry out. It seems like you are always put into an unending tale of piling things up and storing away the clutters that appear to be always up around the every corner of your home! For some, doing housework is such a curse they have to deal with. Even for those who live their lives in most organized fashion, time still comes that they experience difficulty in keeping up chores and cleaning up the mess.

One good reason to wrap up why the idea of cleaning the house becomes a burden is because it consumes adequate time and efforts just to make things tidied up. So for those who share these sentiments and for others who might just need some extra push to kick off their house cleaning routine, read on and be informed of some helpful tips you may consider in making your housework a fun thing to do!

Schedule set is a must

diary-614149_1280In every routine to be properly executed and for every goal to be suitably fulfilled, there is always a need to set things in schedules. In doing household chores, especially the arduous task of cleaning the entirety of your homes, time is of essence. So, proper scheduling and planning is one crucial element you have to factor in. Set concrete time in cleaning parts of your house. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule is an excellent move to keep track of the time you allot for each chore you need to carry through. Try to establish an effective schedule of cleaning your house and promptly stick to it. In no time, you’ll find yourself getting the grip of things in tapping out your chores in a more simplified way.

Motivation in action

Accomplishing tasks when motivated is a hand over fist thing. It is never difficult to finish doing a certain job if you pour your heart out to it. Motivation is another important consideration you should bear in mind. Before kicking off your house cleaning routine, set up your mood by listening to lively music to give you enough stimulus in stretching up your muscles for the housework.

Do it in a logical way

You also need to put some logic to your works. It’s not a bad thing after all if you’ll let your logic draft the order of things you need to do. Have a plan of which parts of your house need the cleaning first. Example, if you are to clean the living room, it’s much better to sweep and vacuum first the floor before dusting the furniture and fixtures as the latter may spread more dust in the area. Or, in cleaning the kitchen, you may first consider wiping down first the counters and appliances before mopping the floor as reversing this order might double your time spent in cleaning up your kitchen.

Store those stuffs away

jar-791183_1280One perfect culprit in the scattering away of clutters in your house is the lack of proper places for the efficient storage of your things. Lack of proper places to store your excess stuffs is one thing that degrades the order of your house. Hampers must be used to contain all laundry, baskets to store all stray items, and shelves to organize books. Everything must be put in their proper places or storage to minimize the clutter and to reveal a well-organized house.

Count your movements

Getting your cleaning session down does not necessary entails you to get physical. As we speak of time and practicality here, effective time management is essential in devising a way to minimize your movement while accomplishing same amount of work. Example, before cleaning directly the bathroom sink, try wiping the mirrors first, or wiping the counters down and polishing the fixtures and shower. The trick here is to do it fast and clean up everything in each path before delving on to another spot.

Lean your focus on a clearer perspective

More often than not, we get overwhelmed of simple tasks we are doing. Losing your focus is one reason why you tend to lag behind other things you should have accomplished. Like spending too much time in sweeping the floor in the living room just because of a magazine you picked up while moving the dust away. You ended up reading it and forgetting to keep out the dirt and move on to your cleaning session. So staying focused is one vital trait you have to keep in yourself if you are determined to finish all your tasks within a day!

Kick around some rules

In cleaning the house, it is always a dilemma to maintain the cleanliness for at least in a day. Worst is, with your other family members who may at some point not an advocate of orderliness, you probably experience reminding them and telling them constantly to put their slippers off the sofa. Well, if it seems hard for them to simply grasp what you say to them, perhaps, it’s an apt time for you to write down some rules to follow. Talk to them straight of the consequences of messing up and their lame contributions in keeping the house in proper order. This way, it will keep them grounded of petty things they do and will give them awareness of the importance of cleanliness and orderliness.

Consistency is key

day-planner-828611_1280Of course, being consistent in your routine is your paramount edge to become successful in simplifying your housework. None of the above tips will work out for your advantage if you fail to apply them in a regular basis. Make it a point to always work things out in a manner that favors your convenience so as time goes by, it will appear to be just a simple part of your system and it will no longer be hard for you to integrate it in your daily routine.


There could be other ways that you can do in order to simplify your house cleaning routine. But the important thing at this point is for you to instill in your mind the above basic tips in making your housework a fun thing to carry out. Depending on your preference, you can always make your house cleaning session a good habit to follow that can make your life easy. Remember, keeping your ambience clean and orderly lifts up your spirit in a very positive way!